Why Investing in the Best Muskoka Chair Saves You Money

Why Investing in the Best Muskoka Chair Saves You Money

Every year around this time you start thinking about your backyard patio furniture. As you stroll the grocery aisles, your eye wanders towards the outdoor furniture displayed in their outdoor garden centre. Many homeowners, dreaming of warmer weather and relaxing after long days, are drawn in by the lower pricing and decide at that moment to add to their deck or patio sets. Hang on one second as those cheaper Adirondack chairs could end up costing you much more in the long run!

Built To Last

One of the biggest problems encountered with most Muskoka chairs and Muskoka furniture is their poor quality. Our high-quality Muskoka chairs, such as the “Upright” Muskoka Chair, can be made from Clear Western Red Cedar, Knotted Western Red Cedar and/or Brazilian Walnut. Our chairs can be left unstained without losing its strength or longevity or treated with a light, dark or caramel (clear cedar only) stain. We use only the finest finish available on the market today and it will hold through the test of time during Mother Nature’s fury. Our sturdy design supports up to 350lbs, built with innovative and ergonomically designed chair backs and will last you for generations to come, we guarantee it!

How much maintenance is required for a Muskoka Chair?

Muskoka patio furniture that is plastic or metal requires constant maintenance, and can become a nuisance and be tedious. Plastic furniture can grow mold when it gets wet, become spotted when mowing grass, or break easily in strong winds. Metal furniture can get rusty, flaky, and collect dust. The Best Muskoka Chair requires little to no maintenance, whether treated or untreated. All we ask is that you just relax in your new high quality Muskoka furniture, and enjoy.

The Best Muskoka Chair Guarantee

At The Best Muskoka Chair Company, we offer an unmatched lifetime warranty on workmanship. We have a “no questions asked” policy, and we allow up to 10 days to return all your handcrafted furniture. We even pay for the return shipping! Restrictions may apply. We want you to be completely satisfied, and will do our utmost to build you the finest Muskoka Chair. Remember, it will be more advantageous and more cost effective towards time and your wallet!

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